Chief’s Corner

Happy May everyone!

It has been a busy spring for everyone here at your Countyline Fire Department.  The biggest news is that we are now providing Emergency Medical Services.  This was a goal that was 5 years in the making, but we finally made it!

Other big news is that we are in the final stages of getting a 3.8 acre parcel donated by the Sentinel Elementary School District.  The site survey has been done and we are waiting for the parcel I.D. to come back from Maricopa County.  After which we will receive the deed to the property from the school and then we can file it in the fire department’s name.

Our apparatus fleet continues to improve.  I have been busy applying for grants to get additional equipment so that we can fully stock each vehicle.

As a recap, our apparatus fleet consists of the following: 4 engines, 1 attack truck, 1 water tanker and 1 command truck.

The weather is getting warmer and our desert critters are waking up.  Watch out for snakes and swarming bees.  Remember, when bees are swarming they are not dangerous.  If you have a bee swarm take up residence, do not disturb them.  Call a bee keeper or exterminator.

I’ll be updating the Chief’s Corner every month.  Please check back after the first week in June for a new newsletter.

Have a great May!

~Chief Novak

John Novak

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