Chief’s Corner

This year seems to be flying by. Summer has started with a flurry of activity for Countyline Fire Department. First of all, I’d like to wish everyone a very happy Independence Day on July 4. The annual fireworks and BBQ will be at the Dateland Elementary School on the 5th. We will be there, along with Tacna Fire Department.

In case you haven’t heard, we’ve been given the old 1886 Sentinel Railroad telegraph office and depot. If you look on our Facebook page we have some background information on it. We have friends working on a background and history of the depot that we’ll put on our site. Our goal is to have it moved to our Sentinel property, restore it and use it as a visitor’s center. We will be conducting fundraisers specifically for this project.

Our attack truck is almost in service. We just have to swap the fire pump out for a replacement. This truck will be used as our first responding truck to most of our calls. It is easier to maneuver and uses less fuel than the big trucks.

We still need the community’s financial support. Please sign up for a fire service subscription, or, if you live out of our response area, please donate to the fire department. This money goes to paying for the insurance and fuel for the trucks. We are also trying to put up a shade structure to get our trucks out of the sun. We have a paramedic/firefighter on duty 4 days a week. We would like to be able to have paramedic coverage 7 days per week. Donations will go towards funding full time paramedic coverage as well. Please note that the ambulances come out of Gila Bend and Wellton. Countyline Fire Department has the only Paramedic between those two towns, which are about 98 miles apart. In the event of an emergency, having a paramedic within a few minutes versus a half an hour or greater could be the difference between life and a disabling injury, or even death.

We area already starting to get ready for our fall fire prevention activities be getting our supplies ordered. Our goal is to put on 3 fire and safety prevention presentations during the upcoming school year.

Please subscribe to our Facebook page and encourage your friends and family to do the same.

Have a safe July everyone!

~Chief Novak

John Novak