About CLFD

The Countyline Fire Department was formed in January 2014, at the request of the residents of the Hyder Valley and Agua Caliente areas. In late spring of 2016, Countyline Fire Department was awarded the dual status as a 501 (C)(3) Non profit corporation; as well as a 509(A)(2) Public charity, by the Internal Revenue Service.

CLFD operates out of two locations: Hyder Valley and the community of Sentinel. Our fire department covers about 500 square miles of unincorporated Yuma; and Maricopa Counties. Included in the area are the unincorporated communities of Hyder, Agua Caliente and Sentinel. The area is mostly irrigated farms, along with an elementary school, a mom and pop gas station, and a rest area on Interstate 8. The population is between 250 and 300 people.

Countyline Fire currently has 8 dedicated volunteers. The Fire Chief and firefighters have experience ranging in number of years (from entry level to 35+ years) and include paramedic and certified firefighters, EMT, Basic CPR.  Volunteers receive on-going in-house fire, medical and rescue training.

As of Jan 1, 2019 the medical direction and insurance contracts were obtained, so CLFD can now operate at the paramedic level on Emergency Medical Service calls.


Our Fleet

Our fleet currently consists of an out engine that was built by Rural/Metro Fire Department in 1988 at their Tempe, AZ shop. It is a Ford F-700, diesel, automatic and has air conditioning. Rural/Metro built the crew cab and body for the truck. It has a 750 gallon poly tank, which replaced the original steel tank. Originally, the truck had a Darley 750 gpm front mount pump. About 5 years ago, the pump fell off of a workbench and broke the body during a rebuild. Since a replacement wasn’t available, the truck sat with no pump. When Countyline took possession of it, a 70 gpm brush pump was installed.

Our second engine is a 1988 Ford C8000/E-One. It has a 1000 gpm pump and carries 750 gallons of water. This truck was donated with a bad motor which needs to be replaced. It has been sitting for 6 years after the motor went bad and Rural/Metro opted not to fix it. A little Trivia … This pumper was the one that Chief Novak worked off of when he was full time for Rural/Metro.

Countylines third pumper truck is a 1974 Van Pelt, on an International chassis. It has a 404 gas motor and an Allis on automatic transmission. It carries 750 gallons of water and can pump 1000 gallons of water a minute through its main pump. It has a PTO auxiliary pump so it can pump water while moving. The factory metal emblems are riveted in place. They have not been removed which makes the paint original factory paint. It has 18,500 original miles. Basically, this truck is a creampuff. Better than a barn find.