Getting Involved

Ways to Serve your Local Fire Department

Countyline Fire Department is always looking for volunteers BUT there is also numerous other ways to Help through non-emergency roles or donations.

Getting involved with a volunteer fire department is an incredibly rewarding way to make a positive contribution to your community. That said, it’s not something that everyone can undertake. If becoming a volunteer firefighter is not a good fit for you, there are many ways you can still help your local fire department. Here are a few ideas:

  • Fundraising – there are two ways – either help organize events OR attending fundraising events hosted by your fire department is technically another form of donating
  • Office Work – Some people are able to donate skills in other areas than firefighting Office work is a good example (there is always paperwork and reports to fill out)
  • Maintaining and Cleaning Equipment
  • Donate – Donations are also very welcomed at most if not all fire departments. Not everyone has a lot of extra money to donate. Here are just some examples of donation items that may be cheaper than just giving money – Bottled Water, Used Furniture, Construction items, FOOD!!! (firefighters love to eat, especially after a call)

Other Ways to Help the Fire Department

The next three items are more related to helping your fire department serve the community better. These are three things that are related to what you can do to help the fire department while on an emergency incident.

Make Sure House Numbers are Clearly Marked – Having house numbers marked clearly is crucial to save time during an emergency incident. There have been many calls where there has been a delayed arrival due to trying to find the correct house. It becomes even more difficult in the dark and in rural areas.

Stay On Scene Until the First Responders Arrive – With the invention of cell phones, it has become a great deal easier to call 911 for help. It is becoming more and more common for fire departments to respond to calls for accidents, natural gas smells, and smoke/flame investigations that were called in by a passerby. Safety is the top priority, so please do leave the scene if you don’t feel safe or are in a dangerous position. However, if there is a safe place to pull over, please pull over and wait for the emergency responders to arrive.

Pull to the Right and STOP! – If the fire department and first responders can’t get to the incident location, they can’t help. There has been an increase over the years of drivers failing to yield to fire apparatus with red lights and sirens on (or trying to outrace the apparatus). With apparatus getting bigger and bigger, its also important that oncoming traffic stop and pull over as well. Not only are the fire trucks bigger, but they are much more expensive now as well.