Grants & Donations

Countyline Fire Department has received grants from the 100 club of AZ for 5 sets of turnouts, the Yuma Regional Medical Center Auxillary for a cardiac monitor/defibrillator/AED and hydraulic extrication equipment (Jaws of Life); and the Happy Valley Fire District in Carlsbad, NM sold Countyline Fire Department a mini pumper truck for one dollar.

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Rural/Metro Fire Department

In 2015, Rural/Metro Fire Department from western Yuma County donated a fire engine that needed a motor replacement.  Chief Novak was able to purchase a fire engine with a similar motor, that has a non repairable fire pump. The good motor will be installed in the donated fire engine. Once the repairs are completed the donated truck will be ready to go into service.

GKJ Farms of Hyder, AZ

GKJ Farms graciously donated the use of a doublewide mobile home located on its property for a fire station. In addition, they do not charge us for electricity.

Sentinel Elementary School District

The Sentinel School board makes an annual donation of $1200.00 to the fire department.

2018 Goals

  1. Get our vehicles out from parking under the sun.
  2. Secure a base hospital contract and the necessary insurance in order to be able to provide Emergency Medical Services (EMS).
  3. Complete the property donation and begin prepping the site for a fire station.

Countyline Fire Department is currently working with the Sentinel Elementary School District to obtain an unused 3 acre parcel in which to construct a fire station. The location of this property would place an additional fire station in the center of the response area, and would provide rapid access to the Interstate, which would be a major source of incidents. These incidents would provide revenue for the fire district.

The fire department is seeking other sources of income available which would allow it to continue to provide a high level of service to its residents, visitors and travelers passing through the area.