Subscription Services & Rates

Fire Department Membership Account

The following rates shall be charged for emergency and non-emergency fire department service accounts annually. Fire service account fees include all buildings, living areas, basements, garages, storage buildings, and barns. Contiguous unimproved land up to five (5) acres, are included at no additional charge. These rates may change from time to time. The subscription is valid for 365 days from the date posted on the check or money order.

Residential Properties

Square Feet:  Annual Rate:
1 – 1,399 $179.00
1,400 – 1,699 $260.00
1,700 – 2,099 $312.00
2,100 – 2,599 $408.00
2,600 – 3,199 $498.00
3,200 – 3,699 $627.00
3,700 and over $627.00+$0.211/sq ft. over 3,699

Commercial Properties

Square Feet:  Annual Rate:
First 1,000 $567.00
1,001 – 50,000 $567.00 + $0.253/sq ft. over 1000
50,001 – 100,000 $8,632.00 + $0.240/sq ft. over 50,000
Over 100,00 $16,192 + $0.158/sq ft. over 100,00



Land being farmed, tractors and machinery is included with the Commercial subscription of the buildings.

Unimproved/Vacant Land

Vacant land status is only applicable to parcels of land with no structures and no on-site activities in excess of 180 days. Coverage fees are $73.00 for the first acre or portion thereof plus $1.26 per contiguous acre, after the first acre.

Brush/Wildland Fires

Vegetation fires are not covered by a fire service subscription. They will be billed at standard Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management rates.

Charges for Properties Without Fire Department Coverage

When the fire department responds to a property that is later determined to be inactive for Fire Department services coverage, charges shall be assessed at a rate of $1,500.00 per hour per firefighting vehicle plus $150.00 per hour per firefighter ($1,500.00 minimum response charge) for fire suppression. Commercial properties shall be assessed treble rates. Emergency Medical Services (EMS) calls shall be charged at a minimum rate of $600.00 per hour plus $50.00 per hour for each firefighter. Consumable supplies used on a fire, rescue or medical supplies shall also be billed.

Fire Account Services

  • Firefighting Service
  • Rescue Service
  • Lifting Assistance
  • Emergency Medical Services
    (Does not include ambulance transportation)
  • Fire Safety Survey
  • Emergency Utility Shutoff
  • Removal of Interior Standing Water
  • Removal of Poisonous Desert Reptiles
  • Hazardous Materials Response
    (Excludes extraordinary expenses incurred in handling and disposal of hazardous material on owners premises)

To Start or Renew a Subscription Membership Contact Countyline Fire Department

Countyline Fire Department
56813 W. Gila Mtn Rd. Unit A
Dateland, AZ 85333

Phone: 480-980-4077
For questions email: